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Trinity Racing Drive Belts - Explanation of Belt Offerings and Belt Strength

This will help you decide which Trinity Racing belt offers the best strength and value for your ATV, UTV, or Side by Side (SxS) given your specific application, riding style, and terrain.

Belts listed in order of strength (from High to Ultra strength) below:

High Strength - Trinity Racing - Extreme belt
Recommended for those looking for a cheap alternative to OEM, but do not put a lot of stress on the machine (for example, they cruise their machine and are never abusive).

Higher Strength - Trinity Racing - Sandstorm or All Terrain belt
Strength up to 4X higher compared to OEM belt.
Great belts for slower riding where low gear is used most of the time. Highly recommended for riders that rock crawl and stay in low gear most of the time. The belts are essentially the same except for the name. Sandstorm does well in the West. All Terrain in the East.

Highest Strength - Trinity Racing - Worlds Best belt
Great belt for all around riding. If the rider uses both high and low gear and is frequently at higher speeds, this is the belt they want.

Ultra Strength for Race Use - Trinity Racing - Race Series belt
Only recommended for racers or riders that have trouble with the World's Best Belts. This belt is harder so it can take more abuse, but is harder on the clutches. Recommended for racers or machines with a large tire (35"+) OR high horsepower (built motor, etc).

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